JH Payne
Home Sweet Home History

Home Sweet Home structure For all its simplicity, the old house seems to realize the dignity of its association with romance and its place in the hearts of men. It has not slouched after the manner of some old houses, but has held itself erect with the bearing of calm firmness. It is situated on the Village Green, the center of Colonial East Hampton. The house, that has come to embody the spirit of all that is tender and sweet in home, is modestly turned away from Main Street.

Home Sweet Home garden Home Sweet Home and its contents Home Sweet Home front door exude a charm that is understood and felt the moment the visitor steps into the house. The fine 18th and 19th Century antiques, china and lustreware appeal to our aesthetic and practical sensibilities. From 1907 to 1927, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Buek owned and lived in the house and furnished every room with authentic period pieces as a shrine to John Howard Payne. Upon Mr. Buek's death, the village, by referendum, bought the house and the collections and opened Home Sweet Home as a museum on December 15, 1928.

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